2023 Color Trends

2023 Color Trends

Can I just say WOW to the color trends for 2023!  I started researching this topic because one of my readers wanted to know the color selections/trends for the year 2023.  More specifically what we would be seeing in our homes and the colors we could expect to see on furniture. With that being said I thought we could use a little background on just how we came to the color selections and the color trends of the year.  


Pantone, LLC began in New Jersey in the 1950s as a commercial printing company called M & J Levine Advertising.  During the late 50s a chemistry graduate, Lawrence Herbert, from Hofstra University was hired by the Levine brothers to systematize and simplify the company's stock of pigments and production of colored inks.  During the early 60's Mr. Herbert purchased the technological assets of the company and renamed it Pantone and the standardization of color developed. 

The Pantone Color Matching System (PMS) is a standardized color preproduction system with over 2,100 colors.  With the standardization of colors, different manufacturers can refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match without needing to contact each other.  Remember this the next time you take a color swatch to your favorite retailer and ask them to match the color as close as possible, we can thank Mr. Herbert.

Since 2000 the Pantone Color Institute has declared a "Color of the Year".  This color of the year is determined by a secret meeting of representatives from various nations' color standards groups.  During the two days of presentations and debates a color is chosen for the following year. So without further ado Pantones Color of the Year for 2023 Is Viva Magenta. I love this color but I don't see me purchasing a couch or painting a wall in this shade but I sure see it as an accent color.  I say this but watch and see if this color comes out in one of my creations this year. After all it is only February.  I expect you to call me out on it if I do. lol


Wise Owl's Rocksteady is the perfect match to pantones color of the year.  

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams has chosen a completely different hue for their color of the year.  I have tried to find information on how they come to this decision but there is nothing about a secret meeting, or even a meeting over coffee at the local coffee shop to determine their color of the year.  However they determined Redend Point to be the it color is a mystery but this neutral color proves to be versatile, inviting and is minimal yet cozy.  

Need the perfect match from Wise Owl? Try 1987.  Now this is a color I can see trending more than the hot pink from Pantone.  I easily see this on walls, cabinets, and furniture.  

Wise Owl Luxury Earth Collection

Wise Owl just released seven new One Hour Enamel Colors called the Luxury Earth Collection.  All seven shades are simply divine.  If I were to pick the most popular color out of this collection I would say Celtic Fog but it is early in the release so we will see how it plays out. 

Overall, I think we will see a lot of shades in green, blue, tan and ivory this year.  But, whatever color you like and it fits with your style and décor I say go for it.  It's only paint and you can always paint it again.   



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