Furniture Transfers

Furniture Transfers

Furniture transfers can bump your makeovers up a notch.  There are so many designs to choose from that the possibilities are endless. 

I recently started working with furniture transfers and I am in love!  I was inspired by Brushed by Brandy and all of her tutorials teaching us how to use them, but mostly not be afraid of trying, cutting and layering.  

I had this misconception that transfers were not supposed to touch but when I learned they can be layered a whole new world opened up for me and so did my creativity.  I am still in the beginner stages of creating but I can already see endless possibilities and the creativeness that will make my furniture stand out from others.  

What is a Transfer?

Transfers are large scale self adhesive, rub on images that can be transferred to furniture, mirrors, canvases and even walls. 

How To Apply Rub-On Transfers

You should always apply a rub on transfer to a clean smooth surface. 

Remove all the hardware.

You can lay your furniture on its back for placement or you can use painters tape to gently lay the transfer in place with the furniture in its upright position.

Once you have decided the placement of your transfer remove the white backing.  If you have a large piece you can also remove the white backing as you go. 

Don't press down at the seams until you reach the seam, because it can make the transfer crack.  

Each transfer comes with a wooden stick that you use to rub over the transfer to make it come in contact with the surface. 

If you have any wrinkles or bubbles smooth them with your fingers.  If you use the stick this can tear the transfer leaving you with a void. 

If you transfer is over any seams take and x-acto knife and slowly cut the seam so the transfer doesn't rip. Use your fingers to press down the trimmed edges. 

Seal your piece with a protective coating. It is recommended that you use two to three coats. 

Replace the knobs once the top coat is completely dry and you have just completed the steps to using a transfer!  


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