One Hour Enamel or OHE Paint

One Hour Enamel or OHE Paint

I know you have heard of Wise Owls One Hour Enamel Paint, or OHE for short.  I am here to give you the low down on just how to use it and how FABULOUS it really is. 

What is One Hour Enamel Paint?

Other than fantastic, OHE is a water based, fast drying, fast curing abrasion resistant, acrylic enamel paint. Wow that's a lot for one paint!  Did you know most paints cure in 14 days? OHE is fast drying and cures fully in 14 days. In fact 90% of OHE curing is done the day you painted.  

I know you have heard me preach about cleaning and priming your piece so I won't bore you and go into that, but remember to prime.  

Prime Time!

When priming I suggest two coats, just like you were painting. Allow 4-6 hours of dry time between coats.  Also make it a point to lightly sand between the coats, this will help create a smoother finish.  If you experience tannin bleed through you will want to do more than two coats of primer or if you didn't prime you will wish you did. Wise Owl primer is water based and is an easy clean up.  I can testify to this because it never fails, I have it on my hands and I always seem to get a drop on my floor.  I know, where is your drop cloth girl! It washes right off and wipes ups easily.  The primer comes in four colors, the chart below will show the colors and recommend what color should be used with what final paint color.  

Primer Color Final Paint Color/Finish
White Whites or very light colors
Light Gray Light to medium colors, yellows
Dark Gray Medium to dark colors, reds
Clear Distressed finishes, all colors


You finished priming and it is time to paint.  YAY!  Please remember to stir your paint for 2-5 minutes if you are stirring by hand.  For those that have the drill attachment for stirring paint, first I am envious, second you can stir 1-2 minutes.  Don't forget to scrap the bottom of the can when stirring and you may want to stir occasionally while you are painting. Shaking can cause air bubbles in your paint so I don't recommend shaking. 

Apply your paint can be done with a brush, sprayer or a roller.  OHE sprays easily and does not need to be thinned.  

Choosing a roller, use a 3/16 nap roller.  This one will get you the finish you are looking for.  You may also want to use a dry brush to "tip off" your rolled on paint.  Tipping off will allow you to pop any little tiny bubbles cause by the roller. 

2 Coats of OHE. 

Just like priming allow each coat to dry at least 4 hours.  Yep 4 hours and no other steps necessary before applying your second coat.  Well maybe one, dust it off in case particles from the air fell on the surface.  I have dogs so I have made this a habit, I never know where their little hairs are falling.  

Painting Steps to Live By.

1. Clean with a degreaser/deglosser like GreenEZ Cleaner. 

2. Scuff sand.

3. Wipe down your piece with a lint free cloth and water. 

4. Prime! Prime! Prime! Do NOT use a shellac primer it does not pair well with enamel paints.  Cracking may happen if you use a shellac based primer. 

OHE comes in gallons and quarts.  A quart covers approximately 100 square feet and a gallon covers 400 square feet. 

5. Paint!

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