The Infamous Cling On Paint Brush!

The Infamous Cling On Paint Brush!

I have to admit before I found Wise Owl Paint Products I had never heard of Cling On Paint Brushes.  First, let me admit that when I heard Cling On my mind traveled to Star Wars and the decorative removable vinyl clings that you display in your windows.  All random thoughts aside I had to see what these brushes were all about and am I glad I did.  

Zero Shedding

Do you hate when your brushes sheds and you are left to pick those bristles out of your freshly painted piece?  This doesn't happen with your Cling On brush.  Cling On brushes are made in the Netherlands with the most state of the art Dupont filaments that are produced in the USA.  The bristles will not break or come lose from the ferrule.  So no more random bristles in your hard work!

Self Cleaning

Cling On brushes are designed to be used and stored wet.  Yes I said it, stored wet!  This means when you are finished painting, return bristles to water and the paint will fall off.  You can simply use a mason jar for this process.  All you need to do is make sure the bristle tips are suspended in water.  Do not let the bristles rest on the bottom of the jar.  you can simply use a chip clip on the handle of the brush to help keep the bristles suspended in water. This method preserves shape retention and keeps your brush free of dried on paint.  When you are ready to use the brush again lightly rinse it in warm water, wring out excess water and you are ready to paint.  No need to scrub with soap and water or wit for your brushes to dry. 

Brush Stroke Free Finish 

The silky smooth bristles hold plenty of paint and allow for a flawless application that can't be matched by any other brush.  You will use less paint because of the more uniform application.  You will find you can educe and even eliminate sanding out any coarse surfaces or brush strokes.  Painting with the Cling On brushes slightly wet helps produce a flawless finish and prevents paint from drying on bristles while in use. 


Most of treat our paint brushes as disposable, a cling on brush is designed to last a log time!  When the time comes to replace your Cling On brush it will be a sad day.  You will be attached more than you imagined.  Just the few months that I have been using the Cling On brushes they are my go to brush.  With proper care these unsung heroes will last years.

A Pleasure to use!
You may wonder why someone loves to paint.  Paint is therapy!  For many years I have loved to paint.  There is something methodical about it and I get lost in the rhythm and it takes me to my happy place.  You know the place where there is not a thought or a care in the world and nobody needs you for anything.  You are just in your creative state of mind and dare I say your Zen. So for my creatives whose mind is running at hyper speed the next time you paint grab a Cling On brush.  I promise you the smooth feeling you get when using a Cling On brush is nothing one can describe.  
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