About Us

Designs by Denise was born from my desire to create, plus a lot of support from my husband Dane, my family and friends.  I wouldn't be doing this today if it wasn't for their encouragement.
I have always been a DIY'er. There is something about taking mixed materials and creating.  I find myself with a enormous passion for repurposing, refreshing and restoring unwanted and outdated furniture. 
Over the years I have experimented with different products and found myself falling in love with Wise Owl paint and all they have to offer to help me produce long lasting pieces of repurposed furniture.  I wanted to bring you the opportunity to see why I love this product and learn and grow your passion to bring life to old pieces that otherwise may be headed to the landfill. 
I am committed to providing products that are owned by small businesses. Products that are free from harsh chemicals and that are made in the USA. I would like my customers to to feel good about purchasing products that are safe for their health, the environment, all while supporting a small business owners dream.  Along the way I will be adding some of my other favorite items that show you who I am, what I love and what I am passionate about.
From the bottom of my heart I appreciate your support of my new business.  I may be small, but I won't lack in quality, value or service!
Denise A. Peters