Decoupage Instructions

Decoupage Application Instructions

Decoupage Application Instructions

There are two methods of application that best suit the Mint by Michelle Decoupage Papers. Please be sure to read through the following instructions and decide which method is best for your project before getting started. 

Method 1. Recommended to achieve an aged, crinkled, authentic look (for a less wrinkled look mist the back of the paper with water)
You will need: Image Medium, Glad/Cling Wrap, Decoupage Paper

1. Start by adding Image Medium to small areas of your intended surface.
2. Place your decoupage paper on to the glued surface area and then rub down using a handful of scrunched Glad/Cling Wrap. The gentle friction between the two surfaces helps to smooth the paper down.
3. Repeat this process by adding small amounts of glue, followed by the decoupage image and smoothing using the handful of Glad Wrap.
4. Once the decoupage paper has been applied to the full surface area of your
piece, you can finish in whichever method you choose.
5. Paint it in further to extend the image &/or cover your image with as many
coats of Image Medium or Lacquer as you wish.
6. To flatten crinkles and add a further aged look we recommend sanding with a
very fine sand paper between your finishing coats.

Method 2. Recommended to achieve a smooth, flat finish
You will need: Image Medium, Parchment/Baking Paper, Warm Iron, Decoupage Paper

1. Coat your project surface with a thick coat of Image Medium or Modge Podge
glue and let it dry. Repeat this step twice.
2. Place your decoupage paper on top of the dry glued surface and place the parchment paper on top of the decoupage paper.
3. Starting in the middle of the image, apply a warm iron on medium heat to the parchment paper and continue to iron until the image is secured to your project surface.

Finishing options for Method 2.
No Finish - If your piece is going to be a low traffic surface, then no finish or top coat is necessary
Oil Based Finish - If you are finishing with an oil base, you can use as many coats as desired.
Water Based Finish – If you are finishing with a water based top coat we recommend spraying your decoupage image with 3 very fine coats of lacquer, being sure to leave it to dry in between coats. Once all 3 coats of lacquer have dried, apply your water based finish.
Please note, we recommend using Mint by Michelle Decoupage Papers with Chalk Paint.